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Touré Kunda: ZandoLive (6/5/2008)

MP3 / France

Description: Live concert performances at Cabaret Sauvage in Paris on June 5, 2008, to support the release of Santhiaba. The concert was later broadcast on the France Ô show Zando Live. The MP3 is a single track marked as 1:08:20.

  • Amonafi
  • Fatou Yo
  • Lely Djamyo
  • Turu
  • Baounane
  • Leopold Sedar Senghor
  • Ah Diatta
  • Salya
  • Casa Di Mansa
  • Koutourou
  • É'mma
  • Koutourou
  • Go Down Moses (Chorus only)


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Santana: 2 Supernatural Evenings With Carlos (2000)

CD(2) / Euro Boots / EB 50 / Europe

Description: Santana live performances in Paris on January 29, 2000, and Pasadena, California on April 8, 2000. Includes Touré Kunda performing vocals on "Africa Bamba" and "Jingo" for the Paris show. The Pasadena shows also includes "Africa Bamba" without Touré Kunda. Santana's song "Africa Bamba" (studio version on Supernatural) is a cover of the Touré Kunda song "Guerrilla" (from Salam).


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